Monday, October 5, 2009

WING presents new sustainable office building


Hungary - WING Ltd. introduced its new sustainable office building named k3. Situated in the newest business centre of the capital, with its 17,000 sqm area coverage on the Könyves Kálmán Ringroad, K3 conforms to the international regulations of BREEAM . The A-class office complex offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions to all their future tenants through its environment conscious construction techniques. K3 will open its gates officially in March 2010.

The office building K3 neighbouring Népliget is now structurally complete. As the developer WING had its first presentation on location demonstrating the range of individual solutions the building offers for companies with green ideas. The greatest advantage of the project is that it pairs up cost-effectiveness with the idea of a pleasing and healthy work environment within the framework of environmental consciousness.

The 17.000 sqm office building consists of four towers offering 2,300 sqm office space for rent on each level. The building will be completed with a three-level car park.

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